About us

Ko Tung Manufacturing Co., Ltd was established in 1976. Manufacture equipment specially made for screwdrivers production with unique reticle design to calculate the precise milling angle of screwdriver heads. Due to the steady machine quality and user friendly interface, Ko Tung is one of the leading manufacturers of specialty machinery in Taiwan.

In order to fulfill different type of customer needs in hand-tools industry, Ko Tung integrates the complete turning / milling manufacturing supply chain from raw materials to finished products. By doing so, Ko Tung is able to manage the quality throughout the whole production process, optimize production efficiency and serve multivariate hand tool related products.

Ko Tung Manufacturing

Go all the way

In recent years, Ko Tung applies reliable specialty machinery software on computer control system. To fulfill the demand of advanced country market, production automation instead of relying on human labor, we also develop CNC compound equipment of manufacturing hand tool related product. Being CE quality certified, the main goal is to expanse business area worldwide.

In the future, Ko Tung expects to be diversification, use user friendly smart design as basis and combine the concept of industry 4.0 to create new type of smart equipment for the upcoming comprehensive automation era.

Sustainable Research & Development
Innovation and Technology
Innovation and Technology
Expanse Business Area
Expanse Business Area
Widely Product Lines
Good Design Products
Excellent Service Quality

The manufacture of Ko Tung's products are monitored and designed by the team of professional technician. For each machines, Ko Tung uses the highest quality standard and SOP to control and manage parts processing and assembling process. Therefore, all products of Ko Tung are made with top quality and efficiency guarantee.

Production Plans

React to the repaid demand of hand tool market, Ko Tung integrates the supply chains to fulfill market demand. According to customer's production type whether manufacture hand tools in different size and length, to help customers to set up the production plan and effective production flow. Ko Tung can serve multivariate hand tool related products and to optimize production efficiency.

Industry Application

Ko Tung's research and development team use advanced R&D technique to constantly improve our products. By doing so Ko Tung is able to promote our turning machine, forming Machine and CNC complex machine to different industries. Ko Tung's products not only used by existing hand tools industry but also used by construction and electronic industry.