The main function of Ko Tung's lathe is to work with specialty machinery for the preceding operation before production. Chamfering, surfacing or grooving can be finished in advance then transfer to next station for milling. Moreover, Ko Tung's lathe not only can be used to manufacture hand tool products but also can be use widely by various industries


Specialty Machinery

Ko Tung manufactures various types of specialty machineries for hand tools production line. Starts with screwdriver forming machine then extend to stamping machine, ball point milling machine, bending machine and so on. The advantage is the machines are special made for specific model. Every specialty machinery only needs to apply with simple system module then it can manufacture large quantity with high stable. This can lead to the best production efficiency.

Computer Control Complex Machine

In order to fulfill the market trend, Ko Tung spent years on research and developed an very efficient machine - the CNC. Ko Tung combines Screwdriver forming machine with computer operating system. This simplifies the manufacture process of screwdriver head. The forming process, milling or splitter, can be proceed right after turing. Computer operating system can replace the traditional calculating turning angle method by using splitter. Only need to program the system. The task can be done easily.

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