After a decade spend in develop CNC machine, Ko Tung expects to extend the market and establish the status in machinery industry. Therefore, Ko Tung starts to invest center spindle both ends simultaneous turning CNC lathe. The original idea is to design as automation operation system to work with pipe fitting type turning machine. The concept of this type CNC machine jumps outside of the box of hardware type processing pattern. This can proceed the bore turning process on mandrel and pipe type products and proceed the process on two-sides at the same time. No need to change the workpiece and readjust the center position.


Closing up for Machining


Characteristic: Center Spindle CNC Lathe
Feeding Type: Auto/Manual Feeding
Machining Size: Ø15mm-Ø50mm
Machining Length: 80-200mm
Minimum Input Unit: 0.001mm
Swing Slide Diameter: 190mm
Apply Cutting Tool: □16mm / □20mm
Power Tool: ER20
Hydraulic Chuck: C50
Spindle Motor: 3.3KW
Spindle Speed: 3000RPM
Spindle Bore Diameter : 50mm
Spindle Bore Diameter: C50/C60
X-Axis Stroke: 300mm
Z-Axis Stroke: 170mm
X,Z Axis Rapid Speed: 12 M/min
X Axis Servo Motor: 1.5KW
Z Axis Servo Motor: 1.5KW
Controller: SYNTEC 11TB
Request Power: AC/3PH/220V/10KW
Transformer: 15KVA
Machine Size: 210 x 160 x 240 cm
Machine Weight: 2600kgs