Customized Production Solutions for Hand Tools

Catering to various requirements for hand tools production, Kotung provides one-stop services for hand tools manufacturers. We provide consultation for designing and building the production lines for bits, allen keys, sockets, and screwdrivers. We aim to provide the best equipment and services for making good quality hand tools.

Our customization service goes through the following steps:

Confirm the customer’s requirements for customization
Audit the inventory of raw materials inside Kotung
  1. Steel
  2. Casting parts
  3. Parts from suppliers
  4. In-house parts
Confirm the order and the production schedule
Machine parts for assembly (Suppliers) In-house quality control at Kotung
Machined parts delivered to Kotung Assembly the machine
Complete the assembly Fine-tune the new machine 3 – 5 times
Inform the customer for the factory acceptance test and inspection
Train the customer for using the machine
Deliver the customized machine to the customer’s designated location



L-Key Wrench

Kotung provides the customer with the consulting and designing services for Allen keys production, as well as in-house Allen key production systems. We design and install production lines for Allen keys. Our hand tools machinery of premium quality and consulting services based on know-how accumulated for decades ensure an efficient and productive line for high-quality Allen keys.

Three exemplary cases here show you how Kotung’s machines are used for producing various Allen keys. Contact us for more information about our services for Allen key production solutions.


Kotung’s KT-100CTP CNC cutting machine can be used in producing not only screwdriver heads, but also sockets. The system is flexible and able to produce sockets for both manual and hydraulic hand tools. Contact us for more information about our services for socket production solutions.