Manufacturing Application

Adaptable Machinery for Versatile Hand Tools Production

Kotung is a renowned manufacturer of machine tools for hand tools industry. Our machines are capable of producing not only high-quality hand tools, but also precision tools and parts used in other industries such as the electronic industry, the watch industry, and the automotive industry. We also strive to diversify our machines' applications and develop machinery catering to the needs of more industrial customers.

Hand Tools

General Hand Tools Production
Kotung has provided machine tools and services for Taiwanese and international hand tools manufacturers. Our screwdriver making machines are precise, reliable, efficient, and stable. 

The Electronics Industry

Machinery for Electronics Repair Kits and Precision Tools
Kogtung's machine tools are also excellent for producing high precision hand tools for repairing sophisticated electronic products, precision tools, and watches. Whether it is for producing electronic repair tool kits or repair kits for precision tools and watches, Kotung’s machine tools are good reputation in the market! 

Automotive Parts

Machinery for Automotive Parts
Kotung's versatile machine tools also can be used in producing automotive parts. Our CNC complex machines are ideal not only for machining hand tools but also for producing cylindrical automotive components such as motor shafts and tubes used in the car.