Machinery for Hand Tools

Kotung focuses on machine tools for producing hand tools. A team of professional technicians monitors the manufacture of Kotung's lathes, milling machines, and CNC machine tools. For each machine's production, we ensure that the parts are well controlled quality, and the assembly follows Kotung's standard operating procedure. Therefore, Kotung's machine models are representative as quality, efficiency and guaranteed.

Three main categories of Kotung’s machine tools are lathes, milling machines, and CNC complex machine.


The primary function of Kotung's lathes is the preliminary work before the main metalworking for hand tools and screwdriver production in the milling machinery. Kotung's lathes finish the preceding chamfering, surfacing, and grooving, before the next milling step of metalworking for hand tools and screwdrivers.

Kotung's lathes are versatile in applications. They can be used not only for manufacturing hand tool products but also for precision metal parts for various applications, such as bicycles, e-bikes, and motorcycles.

Milling Machines

Kotung manufactures various types of milling machines for producing hand tools and screwdrivers. Our milling machines include screwdriver making machines, stamping machines, ball end mills, and bending machines. Each of Kotung's milling machines is specially manufactured for machining screwdrivers of a specific design. This specialty distinguishes Kotung's milling machines from other machine tools on the market.

Kotung’s milling machines are efficient and productive. Each milling machine only needs a simple setting for the modularized system to enable the stable manufacture of hand tool parts in a large quantity. Such a design can lead to the best production efficiency.


Stamping and Bending Machines

CNC Complex Machines

Kotung CNC complex machines are our R&D outcome in the past decade and a first step toward Kotung’s vision of producing machinery for the smart factory. Kotung integrates the established screwdriver making machines with a computer numerical control system to make the screwdriver head production even simpler. Lathing and milling can be completed right after turning in one machine.

The computer operating system replaces the traditional reticle angle design to streamline the calculation of...