Product Description

The lathe is an improvement from a bench lathe machine. The front-feeding and front-output machine features a continuous processing function; there is no need to stop the lathe headstock to load processed items.

This hydraulic lathe is equipped with a high spin rotary cylinder and a clamp. The machine is ideal for machining short bits, and the outcome shows exceptionally high and stable quality. The multi-turning function can surface and chamfer items simultaneously, before turning and grooving. An optional vibration bowl can transform the lathe machine into a machine for all-around automation production, from feeding to discharging.

The sequential production feature and high precision processing outcomes ensure high productivity.

Product Specifications
Item/Model KT-25A
Workpiece Diameter 3-10MM
Workpiece Length 25-75MM
Material Type Hex/ Square/Round
Collet Chuck YB-25
Spindle Motor 2HP
Hydraulic Motor 1HP
Output(Pcs/Per Min) 12-25pcs.
Machine Dimensions 150*90*150
New Weight 380KG

Collet Chuck


Vibration Bowl


Tool Holder

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