Product Description

This series is developed as complementary machines for bits and screwdriver production plant. Model KT-20A is using oblique type machine base, set with a vibration bowl for automatic feeding, specialized to progress bits stamping process.

Model KT-20B hydraulic stamping machine has a flat machine base and it deals with longer workpieces and can do both single- and double-sided stamping. This operation flexibility provides more options for bits and screwdriver production plant.

Product Specifications
Item/Model KT-20A KT-20B KT-20C
Workpiece Diameter 4 - 6.35MM 4-10MM 4-10MM
Workpiece Length 25 - 50MM 25-110MM 85-250MM
Material Type Hex/ Square Hex/ Square Hex/ Square
Hydraulic Motor 2HP 2HP 2HP
Output(Pcs/Per Min) 50-100PCS 50-80PCS 50-80PCS
Machine Dimensions 120*90*140 130*80*155 130*80*155
New Weight 200KG 220KG 220KG

Vibration Bowl

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