Product Description

KT-35/KT-35G Hex/Square Milling Machines
This series is the extended model, unlike traditional screwdriver making machines, the KT-35/KT-35G series is equipped with a horizontal milling cutter head for cutting Hex or SQ type of bits and screwdrivers.

With a unique reticle operating system, the machine can precisely cut sharpen hex or square angle, the manufacturing performance has favored and praised by our customers.

Product Specifications
Item/Model KT35(單用)Single Mode KT35G(雙用)Duplex Mode
Workpiece Diameter 3-10MM 3-10MM
Workpiece Length 25-100MM 25-100MM
Material Type Hex/ Square Hex/ Square/Round
Collet Chuck YB-25 YB-25
Spindle Motor 2HP 2HP
Hydraulic Motor 1HP 1HP
Output(Pcs/Per Min) 10-15PCS 10-15PCS
Complete Product Type SQ or HEX SQ and HEX
Machine Dimensions 170*110*155 170*110*155
New Weight 480KG 480KG

Material Tube

Collet Chuck


Vibration Bowl

Hex Cutter

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