Product Description

Most of Taiwanese factories use traditional lathes and milling machines to produce bits.In order to help traditional processing factories to integrate into the industry 4.0 innovation revolution, our R&D team has specially developed this economical CNC turning and milling complex machine.

This machine not only retains the characteristics of CNC machine, interface computer operation, high accuracy of machining, but also affordable price; it is the first choice of the entry-level of CNC machine for traditional processing factories. R&D team had shortened the axis travel distance, adjusted and reduced the working center space to be more streamlined; thereby reducing various cost of raw materials to meet the customers’ expectations.

Product Specifications
Item/Model KT115 Coplex CNC Machine
Max. Turning Dia. H4MM~H1/4"
Max. Turning Length 25-65MM
Min. Input Unit 0.001MM
Swing Slide Dia. 43MM
Cutting Tool φ12MM/φ16MM
Collet Chuck YB25
X-Axis Stroke 250MM
Z-Axis Stroke 80MM
Machine Dimension 160*150*200
Machine Wdight(N.W) 100KG
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