Product Description

From the customers’ view, each of them always expects one machine to complete all tasks. This vertical and horizontal dual purpose CNC machine was accomplished under the urging of loyal customers. The operators can adjust the cutter-head direction for different purpose jobs, for example, setting it to be vertical orientation, it performs milling function, making workpiece type Phillipe, Pozi or Torx; then changing cutter-head to be horizontal orientation, it performs cutting function for Square, Hexagonal or Ball point workpieces. This machine combines full advantages and help to fulfill diversity jobs; this is very cost-effective CNC machine for customers.

Product Specifications
Item/Model KT800HV
Feeding Direction Front Feeding
Max. Turning Dia. φ25MM/φ32MM
Max. Turning Length 25-65MM
Min. Input Unit 0.001MM
Swing Slide Dia. 150MM
Cutting Tool φ16MM/φ20MM
Max. Bore Tool φ20MM
Spindle Nose A2-3
Hydraulic Chuck 4”
Spindle Motor 4.5KW
Spindle Speed 5000RPM
Spindle Bore Dia. 38MM
Collet Chuck YB25/C32
X-Axis Stroke 350 MM
Z-Axis Stroke 140MM
X,Z Rapid Speed 15M/MIN
Machine Dimension 160*150*200
Machine Wdight(N.W) 1600KG
Power Supply AC/3HP/220V/10KW
CNC Controller SYNTEC 21TA/TB
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